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Welcome to the website of Willcox High School, Home of the Cowboys! We are located in Cochise County, Arizona, in the quaint historic town of Willcox, and we serve students in grades 9 through 12. Though we are a small school, we take pride in providing an excellent education for our students that will empower them to become responsible and compassionate adults and prepare them to succeed in a highly technological world.

In addition to our outstanding academic curriculum, we also offer special education and gifted education programs to cater to specific student needs as well as a variety of clubs and athletic activities for those seeking extracurricular opportunities.

A Message from our Principal

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Arizona spring is here! Days are getting longer and the weather has been gorgeous.

Although spring and 4th quarter are a welcome occurrence to students and teachers alike, there is always a danger of loss retention when students do not focus to finish school on a good note. Unbelievably, we are just a few weeks from ending the school year. If your child earned a grade of F in any class at the mid-term, he or she will need to pass the fourth quarter and do well on the semester exam to receive credit for the semester. Please take time to sit down with your child to discuss this issue, and to set up a plan to improve his or her performance, with the goal of passing classes. Do not hesitate to contact the teacher, a counselor, or me for assistance in developing that plan. Now is the time to address the issue, not a week or two before exams.

I also want to remind students and parents that athletic eligibility next school year is determined by if a student is on track to graduate. Unfortunately, sometimes when spring fever hits, students lose sight of this requirement, ultimately paying for the loss of spring focus during the next fall athletic season when students find themselves ineligible.

This is the most exciting time of the school year. Graduation is just around the corner, seniors are preparing for their final days at Willcox High School, and underclassmen are making plans for next school year. Please consider getting involved in school life to share in the festivities surrounding the prom, spring sporting events, an honors event, or even graduation commencement. Graduation day is scheduled for May 23, at 7:00 p.m.  The ceremony will be in Cowboy Stadium, unless inclement weather forces the ceremony into the gymnasium. All seniors must attend graduation practice on Thursday, May 22, at 8:00 a.m. on the football field. Those seniors who have not met all academic requirements, or those who have not paid their high school fees, will not participate in the graduation ceremony. We encourage each student to make sure all classes are passed and that all fees are paid!  It is important for all seniors to work hard to pass all classes during this last grading period, and it is equally important that they adhere to all school rules.

Willcox High School will be having an Open House Academic Showcase Night on Wednesday, May 7 from 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. To start the evening off, our freshman class of 2018 will meet with staff and administration for a freshman roundup. The rest of the evening will feature tours and displays explaining why Willcox High School is the place to be. We look forward to seeing you all and be watching for our TV commercial debuting very soon!

Please remember, your support in emphasizing the importance of working hard in school, from start to finish, is the secret ingredient that ultimately makes students successful both in school and in life. As you may know, our new curriculum will be more rigorous and will require time at home to accomplish "mastery learning!" Together, we will continue to work to make Willcox High School an excellent place for all students to learn.

Thank you for your support, and let’s finish the school year diligently.

Go Cowboys,

Jeff Thompson