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Welcome to the Home of the Cowboys

Welcome to the website of Willcox High School, Home of the Cowboys! We are located in Cochise County, Arizona, in the quaint historic town of Willcox, and we serve students in grades 9 through 12. Though we are a small school, we take pride in providing an excellent education for our students that will empower them to become responsible and compassionate adults and prepare them to succeed in a highly technological world.

In addition to our outstanding academic curriculum, we also offer special education and gifted education programs to cater to specific student needs as well as a variety of clubs and athletic activities for those seeking extracurricular opportunities.

A Message from our Principal


Happy fall season from WHS! The 2015 – 2016 school year seems to be moving along faster than ever. It’s hard to believe that the month of September is already behind us! The staff and students continue to work hard and to move forward to get the job done. Education is very important, and I welcome any of our WHS family members to visit us at any time to see what wonderful things are taking place here at Willcox High School!

Success in school, at any level, depends on several things. The communication and collaboration that takes place between students’ parents and their children’s teachers is one of the most important of these. With this in mind, I would like to make you aware of several things. First, parent teacher/conferences are October 6-7 from 5:00 to 7:15 p.m. You can check your child’s grades online (this information was mailed to you) as another great tool to help you stay on top of his/her progress. If you have internet capability at home or work, you can access this information on a daily basis. If you need help with this, please call the high school office at 520-384-8601. E-mailing or calling teachers are other great tools available to you.

Learning is both rewarding and satisfying, but it is also hard work. What students learn during their formative years is theirs for a lifetime, and that learning lays a very important foundation for a happier and more secure future. The school day is too short to “cover all the bases,” hence the need to “crack the books” at home. Parents and guardians are role models for their children. As role models, you exert a powerful influence on your children’s attitudes, characters, and values. Issues in school are ironed out because the students, staff, and parents comprise a team, and teamwork means working together to strive toward and to achieve goals.

Parents, please continue to reinforce good attendance habits with your child. Attendance and accuracy of attendance are extremely important in school. Excessive absences result in missed class work that may be difficult to make up, causing loss of continuity in learning, and may produce an irresponsible attitude toward daily obligations, ultimately resulting in failure in school.

It’s that time of year: HOMECOMING! There’s a lot in store for the week of October 13-16.

Spirit Week

  • Door/Room Decoration Competition
    Each mentor class will compete for most creative, spirited door using the theme “Decades.” Mentors and students may begin decorating doors on Thursday, October 8. The entire door must be decorated.
  • We invite students to dress in the following themes throughout the week. Students will compete against one another for best costume/outfit each day.
    • Monday: No School – Beat those “MINERS.”
    • Tuesday: Decades Day (wear your class decade attire).
    • Wednesday: Willcox Cowboy/Cowgirl Day (wear your cowboy gear).
      Bonfire at 7:00 p.m. beginning in the new gymnasium.
    • Thursday: WHS Red/White and Black Day (show your school pride).
      Pep Rally from 2:55-3:30 p.m.
    • Friday: Homecoming/Game Day!

College Readiness Assessments

  • On October 14, all sophomores and new juniors will take the PSAT (practice for the SAT) during the school day. Freshmen will take the ASPIRE (practice for the ACT) and the juniors will take the ACT in the spring. These practice tests provide valuable feedback on college readiness and the work necessary to prepare for college entrance exams.
  • Get an idea of what your student can do to prepare for the PSAT on October 14:

As always, if at any time we can be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact us through the main office or e-mail. If you are unable to attend parent/teacher conferences, please contact the school if a conference is still needed with your child, especially if your child is having problems in any class. Now is the time to address it. 

I hope that you enjoy the upcoming fall season and all the events that will occur. I am sure you will agree with me when I say there is always something good going on at Willcox High School. It's up to us to have a great school year!

"Go Cowboys and Cowgirls"

Jeff Thompson
Jeff Thompson