Our School

At Willcox High School, we believe that every student has the right to an exceptional education, and we also recognize that there are as many different ways to learn as there are students. We offer a comprehensive four-year curriculum that is designed to accommodate various levels and styles of learning. Our academic programs provide our students with a strong educational foundation and important life skills that will help them thrive in the world beyond high school, whether they’re planning to further their education at a college or university, receive technical training for a specific trade, or enter the workforce upon graduation.

Below are a few of the special programs we offer outside of our mainstream academic curriculum:

Special Education

Students placed in our special education programs have access to all of the courses offered in our regular curriculum, and we also develop and provide special education courses for students with specific, unique needs. Students in our special education program will complete an appropriate course of study based on individual ability (as prescribed in their Individual Education Plans). Each year, a qualified multidisciplinary team will review and re-evaluate each special education student’s IEP and adjust the plan where necessary.

We make all decisions regarding goal setting and programs of study with the needs of the individual special education student in mind.

Gifted Education

Students identified as gifted, according to state and local guidelines, may participate in our gifted and honors program. Some of the components of this program include:

  • Individual Education Plan (IEP): A contract worked out with an individual student and an individual teacher (or teachers)
  • Independent Study: For the purpose of research work in a particular field, work on a science fair project, in-depth study in a particular enriched field, etc.
  • Dual-Credit Courses: Approved between Cochise College and Willcox High School
  • Honors Courses: Developed by individual departments
  • Rotating Seminars: Two seminars per month that deal with social and emotional skills and career options
  • Knowledge Bowl: Regional academic competition

The initial screening device for the gifted and honors program is the state-mandated COGAT, which students take during their freshman year. Students in the performing and industrial arts may qualify with 1) teacher recommendation, 2) documentation of high standard of performance, and 3) approval of the Gifted Education Committee.


The goal of our SEI (Structured English Immersion) program is to work with students who have a deficiency in the English language, bringing them to a level of proficiency where they can participate and succeed in all regular classes.

WHS Mission

Educate and prepare all students for a successful future.

WHS Vision

Work Hard, Have Integrity, and Show Respect.